Marketing is about making memories - make them great.
People will talk
When you experience something sensational then you will tell your friends - in person, in your social media feed or through news media. The cream has a way of rising to the surface. Of course the same is true of a lousy experience. You are going to want to warn others about the dangers of wasting their time, attention and - of course - money. Designing outstanding experiences spans product conception, design and execution; it includes marketing communications from collateral, digital to advertising and social media. The more seamlessly integrated - the more authentic, transparent and relatable then the more likely your brand is to win positive attention - sometimes way beyond what you might reasonably expect from the budget you have for promotion  - everyone wants to share their discoveries, so - - because people will talk…
There's no such thing as too ordinary not to matter anymore
Even the most mundane experience can delight customers - from the quality of paper napkin in your burger joint to how the crispy bacon takes you back to a time when crispy mattered. Every experience is an opportunity to create a memory or trigger a remembered connection. Real people see the world from eye-level and insist that their experience is as valid as anyone else's - whether they that other person is an 'expert' or celebrity. (N does = 1.) 
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Life is to short for bad experiences…
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